Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Luang Phor Krong and Phra Pitta Mahalap 108 Kaw Oer

Wat Kaw Oer,Pattalung was a place where Khunpang(the man which make the famous Jaturkam Ramathep) went for a lesson and in other word Khunpang also one of the top student of Wat Kaw Oer besides Luang Phor Krong(Tok Raja) bangset.

Wat Kaw Oer,Pattalung had made Special Batch called Luang Phor Krong and Phra Pitta Mahalap 108 Kaw Oer on 15-03-2008.Due to 108 years Luang Phor Krong (Wat Uttamaram,Kelantan)learning in Wat Kao Oer starting from year 1900 to year 2008. Punitsattanbangset,Chiegmai also work together with Wat Kaw Oer in the making of these sacred and special Amulets. 

These special sacred amulets are passed pitty(ceremony) "3 Warat 3 Pitty",follow the tradisional pitty of Wat Kaw Oer that Luang Phor Krong learned and praticed which called "TAK KAT SILA" completely,Bongsung Tewada Resi(Made offering To Gods and Holy Spirit),Bongsung Luang Phor Thong Toa(Made Offering to Guru Luang Phor Krong),Bongsung Luang Phor Krong Bangset(Made offering to Luang Phor Krong)and Puttapissek in Wat Kao Oer Cave which invited Luang Phu Kiew from Wat Ngoik Ngok,Pattani as the head ceremony. 

Luang Phor Krong Pitta Mahalap 108 are the FIRST Phra Pitta Mahalap that Luang Phu Kiew from Wat Ngoik Ngok pruksek"(Chanting to become sacred amulet).Before this Luang Phu Kiew havent "prusek" any of Phra Pitta Mahalap.

Some of the HERBS that make these Sacred Amulets:

Sacred Buddha Land from INDIA





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